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Welcome to Cypris Chat
Virtual World English Learning Community in Second Life



“Learning English should be a way of life instead of a struggle to achieve.”
– Professor Merryman, Founder


Cypris Chat is a not-for-profit virtual world English language learning community located in Second Life. Cypris Chat is not a school, however we offer “practice times” in the form of organized lessons, discussions, chats, events, and activities. We have a fairly strict policy for maintaining peace in our group, and ask our members to be as active as possible in order to encourage communication within the community. This website is for our members to study and keep in touch with the community. It also offers a way for us to practice reading, writing, and listening, as well as researching new ways of teaching. Come see for yourself just how exciting this new way of learning can be. Join Second Life at and then teleport to Cypris Village .

How to log in to Second Life

1. Register on the Second Life website

2. Download and install the viewer

3. Open viewer and log in to SL. Enter your username (avatar name) and password.

4. Open the map. Search “Wellston”, teleport, or here:

Our Mission

We strive to provide an educational yet fun and interesting environment for English learning and teaching. Our members have the chance to be part of a living community surrounded by others who are learning, teaching or simply interested in speaking English with people from around the world. We believe learning should be a way of life instead of a struggle to achieve.

Our 4 Principles
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