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Do you need help?

If you are already a Second Life user, please contact one of the officers below inworld for information on Cypris Chat group.


Mystie Slade (English / Japanese)
Akiume (English)

DukeVan Acker (English)

Toku Dagger (English / Japanese)

FionaFei (English)

Power Chant (English / Arabic)
haiiroman (English / Lithuanian / Russian / Spanish)
showshow Camel (English / Japanese)
Lora Tachikawa (Polish)

●Cypris Discord server is here:


Interested in leading English learning activities of your own?  

 Please visit Cypris Village and get acquainted with people. Join activities.

If you know what you want to do, check the activity calendar, find the empty slot and decide when you are most available. Usually, one activity lasts for about 1-2 hours.

Please talk to Mystie Slade inworld or on Facebook for more info.


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