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Cypris Chat is a not-for-profit virtual world English language learning community located in a virtual world called "Second Life" created by Linden Lab. Cypris Chat is not a school, however, we offer “practice times” in the form of organized lessons, discussions, chats, events, and activities.  Come see for yourself just how exciting this new way of learning can be. Join Second Life at http://secondlife.com and then teleport to Cypris Village.

Current English Activities & Events

★Please check the Activity Calender for real time events and activity schedules.

   The times are shown in California time in USA (PST/PDT) which is the same as in SLT.

Cypris Values Lesson with Duke

Mondays 4:45 AM PST (5:45 AM PDT)

Reading and discussion activity at Cypris Chat Ring.

For intermediate to advanced learners.


= Beginner Reading Activity =

Tuesdays 4 AM PST (5 AM PDT)

We practice reading a short dialog or a story.  Practice pronunciations.

Basic grammar. Role play.



=Write Sentences with Akiume=


For upper-beginner, pre-intermediate learners
Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. SL Time
(17:00 Brazil; 21:00 England; 22:00 France, Germany, and Poland; 23:00 Moscow, Saudi Arabia; 05:00 Japan)

= Fantastic Science! with Akiume =

Wednesdays 5 AM PST / 6 AM PDT

~Fantastic Science with Akiume~ Wednesdays 6 am SLT/PDT

Fun exploration in English for Noobs and Geeks.

Join us at the Chat Ring. Voice Chat only.

Cypris Chat English is a FREE ENGLISH LEARNING COMMUNITY for international learners.



=Twisted Stories with CALALINA=

Thursdays from 3 AM SLT

Twisted Stories activity. We write and read short strange and unique stories to tell and discuss. 
It takes place at the reading circle at Cypris Reading Circle. 


= Party Time Activities with Duke=

Thursdays 5:00 am PST / 6 am PDT

The first 30 minutes we will play Trivia quiz. Then after that we will do sentence correction lessons.

Come join us at the Club Cypris for music and dance while learning English!

= Western History for Dummies =

Saturdays  5 am PST/SLT  (6 am PDT)


The story to read will be given in advance. Read before you come.
If you have a translated version, you can read it to make it easier first.  


= Twisted Stories with Jeff =

*Randomly occurring activity not fixed on schedule


Join Jeff for another Twisted Stories activity. 
It takes place at the reading circle at Cypris Reading Circle. 
Write your own story!


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